Welcome to the wiccan wood site, I hope that you find it informative and enjoyable. "Wiccan wood hand makes wiccan equipment in Sussex, including wand boxes, scrying mirrors, goblets, chalices, pensives etc using traditional methods and empowered using the relevant time and moon cycles for wiccans, druids, witches, wizzards and all crafters by Martin, a follower of the old ways of magic."


"I love the feel of a living wood both holding and feeling the life that exists in a piece or working and molding a block of wood into a usable item."


We have noticed a lack of real wiccan working tools in the market and hope to be able to supply the practicing wiccan with the tools that they need made from the real objects and not from the molded plastic objects that you get these days. All the things that you will find on these pages will be made with feeling and where possible to the direct request of a customer.



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