Goblets and candle sticks

Candle sticks approx 15cm tall from 7.99



This ribbed candle holder is 15x6cm and costs







Small goblet approx 15cm tall

£ 24.99





Large goblet standing 23x9cm and holding just under half a pint of mead! Made from English Oak polished with a food safe polish, this particular goblet was made for the Portsmouth branch of Insular Order of Druids. If you have a specific size or shape of goblet that your after then please let us know and we will try to accomodate you which will be quoted seperately.


£ 34.99



Tea light candle holder approx 23x5cm made from eiher English Oak or Sapele.











Wand boxes


Oak stained and approx 50cm long and 8cm tall lined with dark colourd fabric or velvet with a swing over clasp to secure them shut 



Cloth lined 31.00


Velvet lined 34.99





Not forgetting the chest to keep all your magical bits safe from prying eyes which is lockable.


Simple chest ..... L90cm x H60cm x D46cm £ 80.00


 High end chest with draws in lockable pull down front and seperate wand compartment in box.....

L120cm x H90cm x D60cm £ 255.00






We also make bowls, platters and pentagram disks to fit on your alter. All are approx 19cm across.



design 1... £19.99 




design 2... £19.99





design 3... £19.99






alter pentagram












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