Since ancient times, runes have been used for divination and magic, in addition to writing. The word "rune" actually means mystery, secret or whisper. Each rune has esoteric meanings and properties associated with it, beyond its mundane meaning and phonetic value. Each translates into a word or a phrase signifying concepts important to the early peoples who used them, representing the forces of nature and mind. Each rune has a story attached to it, a relationship to a Norse God.




These runes are hand carved flat stone from the caves under tintagel. Each one carved with care and repsect.

£ 20.00








  1. This set of runes is made by hand again but using oak biscuits that are approx 2 - 3 inches long with the symbols carved and painted into them, they are then waxed and polished to produce a truly 'touchable' rune.











Inscribed on semi-precious gemstones this stunning set of runes is presented in a beautiful embroidered lined velvet bag.










Each set comes with an instructions explaining the meaning of each rune and how to do rune castings.





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