Hand turned and with no set design each and every box is totally individual.

The ones that are shown here are protected by a box of turned oak.

The scrying mirrors was made from English Oak, affectionately known as the”King of the forest”, as it can live up to well over 700 years old outliving all but the Yew tree. The Oak is possibly the most revered of all trees and according to Greek mythology the sacred oak grove at Dodona (which is at the foot of Mt Tomarus) had the greatest reputation for the gift of prophecy. Which is why this wood was chosen to keep your mirror safe. The wood was collected from Eartham forest in Sussex with another tree planted to replace it, nothing is taken without being replenished. The box was hand turned by a follower of the old ways. The glass itself was painted using the ash of the 2003 yule log and empowered by the Imbolc, the storm moon on the 7th February 2004.


As each box is made by hand there are no two the same. Where possible we will make the mirrors and boxes to the customers direct request, so if you want a mirror that was empowered for a particular use we will use the correct ashes and make them at the correct time of year.


The glass on each mirror is approx 5 inches in diameter and the box is 6 -7 inches accros and 3 - 4 inches deep approx.

£ 80.00


NEW pocket scrying mirrors !!!

Still hand crafted with the same care but made with a

brass hinge and hard wood covers, it's a scrying mirror one side and a normal mirror the other.

There approx 8cm across and 3 cm deep.

£ 20.00





A certificate of authenticity is supplied with the box and numbered by hand, it also states when and where the wood came from, the time of year and also when the mirror was made.

You receive an almost ready to go mirror.........Why almost ?????

To personalize the mirror to you it is advised that a small amount of the users blood is placed on the back of the mirror , onto the ash painted surface, please be careful when turnning the box upside down to remove the glass as it may be a tight fit.

The mirrors are a real use to the crafter, they can help you to focus your thoughts and power to maximum effect.


If you wish to use your own ash that's no problem, just give us a call to chat about your requirements.


our mirrors being empowered on the alter








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